Make check-in's with your team a walk in the park with Tap-In's technology.

Tap-In Enterprise helps you monitor your mobile employees digitally, through the schedules and reporting parameters you set. Help your team focus more on their directives and less on answering calls and filling out paperwork.

Find out more about how Tap-In can help manage your fleet’s schedules.
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Define your drivers’ safety on your company’s terms

Create different check-in schedules for your drivers to reflect the length of their trips and your safety policies. Whether it’s one check-in a day or five, Tap-In can accommodate you.

Make the check-in process as easy as it gets for your drivers

With Tap-In, both you and your drivers will never have to worry again about manual check-ins. You are getting all the information in a centralised dashboard and your drivers can check in with a few taps on their smartphone.

Manage your team in real time and with full transparency

Every time your drivers Tap-In, you get real time information regarding their location and any reports they share with you, ranging from problems with pick-up and drop-off locations to traffic issues. Use the real-time data to make real-time decisions and improve your fleet’s efficiency.

Create check-in schedules for each employee

The Tap-In dashboard helps you create check-in schedules for each specific employee and follow up on their activity and reports. Get problems flagged and solved as they appear.

Know where your employees are at all times

Use Tap-In’s map to monitor the location of all your employees. Analyse travel times, traffic issues and waiting times in order to increase the efficiency of your company.

Get live reports from the field

With Tap-In’s check-in platform, you can get reports with every check-in your employee fills out. Make them optional or mandatory, add relevant questions and get the information you need, right from the ground, to gain insights on your employees performance.